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What is POP class?
In POP class we discuss about things we have to complete in the future and it is also an important way of becoming more responsible for the future so that we learn to not loose work so that it can be handed in to the teacher on time. You also learn to be more responsible in the future so when you get older you will succeed. The learning process of Pop class describes plans his/hers exploration process, varies the mean of exploration, looks critically at his/hers exportation process, consolidates his/her personal profiles, shares his/her reflection and considers possible career paths. The POP wiki project is about, collaborating through teamwork, to come up with a plan, to learn how to share and to use critical thinking.
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What is a Digital Student?
A digital student is a regular student like every one else except they do and hand in all there work on the computer. A digital student is a student who works on the computers. For example, here in Mr. Wilson's P.O.P class we are digital students because we spend our class time doing work on the computer. A perfect example of what we do on the computer is working on e-pearl and This is where we hand in all our work, this is
being a digital student. Any one who is working on the computers is a digital student.
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What Is Copyright?
Copyright is a legal framework that protects creators of literary and artistic works by establishing rights that enable creators to control the publication reproduction of their works. Copyright protection exists as soon as a work is created. In P.O.P class copyright is used allot , its a way for students to get credit for other peoples work by copying a part of their work and claiming that they wrote it. The only way to copy someone else is work is to ask permission but sometimes that may be hard , so the work copied is must be represented by "quotations" or sourced at the end of your work. With out quotations or the source, you are not entitled to use the information .
In addition, copyright does not last forever, and when copyright on a work expires, the work is said to be in the "public domain" and can be freely copied.


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